Debra, your art is gorgeous, each and every piece of it, and your display drew me right in. Best of all was talking to you! I will cherish my mosaic bird who needs a name, and look forward to teaching my young students about mosaic art. I hope that within the next year I will have a chance to take a workshop with you!

Amy in Knoxville

Debra I wanted you to know that I have never taken a more fun class than the Mosaic Floral class. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of your excellent teaching skills. Thank you!

Candace C.

My wife and I commissioned Debra Mager to design and create unique mosaic art pieces for our family and close friends for Christmas gifts. We gave her information about the person, she asked questions and she delivered the most beautiful art pieces imaginable. These gifts were immediate heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations.

The Stollers

Pompano Beach, FL

Debra made a beautiful piece for me. I had lots of jewelry my sister passed to me, which Debra took and made into an amazing beach scene because my sister loved the beach. I smile and think of my sister every time I see it!!

Becky S.

Debra is a fun and knowledgeable instructor. She walks you through all the tools, supplies, and types of tesserae, and then demonstrates all the basic techniques. She spends a lot of time giving individual assistance and answering questions. She is very encouraging and supportive and just a great person to be around. And so talented!!

Danna K.

I took my first ever mosaics class with Debra as the instructor. She was patient, thorough and extremely generous in her instruction and support as I worked on my project. When someone got stuck in their process she gave guidance and suggestions in a non-judgmental way. She was very encouraging throughout the 2 day project. I hand idea that I would love doing mosaics as much as I did! So much so, that I’m now on to a second project and I know if I get stuck, Debra is more than willing to help! Thanks Debra!

Bonnie H.

Just finished my first class with Debra and I know it won’t be my last. Thank you for your patience, time and talent.

Lori M.

I was lucky enough to happen upon Debra of Cinderella Mosaics during my first visit to Asheville.  I was immediately drawn to her art and discussed a custom piece with her.  She  had fantastic ideas and was eager to get started.  She ran the project by me as she was creating it, asking my opinions, etc.  I let her use her artistic expertise and the piece came out spectacularly.  I also had my eye on a statute of a cat that I saw at her show in Asheville.  Two years later, that cat has a premier spot in my living room – “Her Majesty”, as she is known.  I never fail to get compliments on this piece.  The work is meticulous and absolutely gorgeous.  My grandmother used to tell me of a saying:  “They decorated their room around a vase”…well, I have decorated two rooms around Cinderella Mosaics one-of-a-kind art and couldn’t be happier.  We are even now discussing a third piece.  I have no doubt that Debra’s work will become our family heirlooms.  If you have the opportunity to own a piece, don’t pass it up!  The work is phenomenal, and Debra is a delight to work with.


Debra’s work is amazing with all the detail she adds to each piece. Her use of color gives so much personality to her art. So happy to be the proud owner of some of her beautiful mosaic pieces.

I have been taking mosaic classes with Debra for almost one year.  Being an outstanding teacher and mosaic artist, she evokes very positive results from her students due to her enthusiasm, patience, and expertise she shares with us!  Because of Debra, mosaics has become a new highlight of my life!!!

Don’t miss a mosaic workshop with Debra… travel if you have to! A knowledgeable, compassionate, nurturing teacher, Debra is a sheer joy to learn from and spend time with. I can’t wait for the next workshop or studio day. I am hooked!!

Loved the weekend surrounded by all your fantastic art, colorful “stuff” in wonderful displays showing your love for the process and collecting, and the lovely students. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing the art and beauty of mosaics with us! Your studio is so inspiring and the class was pure joy for two days! I truly enjoyed meeting fellow Cinderella Chicks and spending time with you! I’m hooked!