In one short weekend, I can let lots of creativity come out and make something colorful, flirty and fun. When I get “stuck” on what to do next, your suggestions always get me going once again. Then I take my new creation home to my arts and crafts style loving, monochromatic architect husband. Somehow, my critters and creations always look fabulous in our home.

Thanks for doing what you do. It’s not just art. Sometimes, it’s therapy!

Masses of love and hugs!


Debra Mager

After a successful career as a corporate marketing executive, and a lifetime of collecting art, Debra tried her hand at mosaics. As the demand for her work started to grow from just family friends to commissions from fans across the country, Debra soon realized she had found her second calling.

Eight years later, Debra Mager is now an established and highly regarded self-taught mosaic artist traveling around the country to teach mosaic workshops and to participate in art festivals.

She has a penchant for creating dimensional, whimsical and rather unconventional mosaic works, which include her unique mosaic floral arrangements, birds and other creatures, as well her jeweled mirrors and mosaic shoes.

Cinderella Mosaics became her company name because Debra considers the discovery of her dormant artistic talent an unexpected blessing, or “a true Cinderella story.”

“Making mosaic art affords us the chance to reassemble broken parts and pieces into works of beauty. What could be more healing and rewarding than that?” – Debra Mager

Cinderella Mosaics Is Born.

A few years ago, I tried my hand at an art form I had always admired but never attempted myself.  Never having actually made art, I only collected  it, this was definitely a crapshoot.  I approached it as a hobby, considering I had a full time job, and had no idea whether I would be good at it.  I read every book on the subject of mosaics, took classes, and practiced incessantly.  I learned quickly, discovered a tremendous passion for the craft and have been at it ever since.

My husband came up with the name Cinderella Mosaics for two reasons.  First, I felt I was living a dream, given this unexpected gift to be able to create art when I had never done it before, and second because I became obsessed with making mosaic shoes!  They have since become my signature and I can’t stop making them!

Mosaics is a fascinating art form–literally everything can be “puzzled” together into mosaic art, both functional and aesthetic.  We can “cover” any object, transforming it from average to spectacular.  We can create pictures made of glass, or stone, or porcelain dishes.  We can take the most unassuming objects and turn them into unexpected fantastic works of art.  The opportunities to create in this art form are endless.