What a success!

by debra mager

I had the time of my life last weekend teaching five of the most wonderful, multi- talented women in my Basic Mosaics class at my home studio.  Not one of them had any experience with the art form, but when they were finished making their beautiful, uniquely individual pieces, you would never know that.  

The best part was not only sharing my love of mosaics but seeing their joy at their own accomplishments.  I taught them all the tricks of the trade I've learned through my own trial and error.  I tried to boost their confidence and belief in their own innate talent.  And in the end, the weekend was about the reward of self-expression through art, a much needed escape from the everyday, and the wonderful camaraderie that grows from a common passion.  

I hope to be doing more teaching this Spring and Summer as time allows.  I can't think of a more gratifying endeavor. Maybe you will join me.

Studio Classes

by debra mager

I set myself a goal to be able to teach Mosaics in the year 2015.  I felt I would be ready then to share my love for the art form and the skills I have acquired after taking many classes and figuring out my personal artistic point of view.  Mosaics is such a diverse art you can take it in many different directions.  I am settled into my style now and I am thrilled to announce we have finally completed a classroom in my home studio so I can begin teaching.  I can accommodate 4-6 students around an outstanding  8' X 4' table built lovingly by a friend of ours.  My first Basic Mosaics class is March 28-29 and many more classes will be announced in the near future.  Contact me for more details or to sign up.  I'm ready to get this party started! 

Memories in Flowers

by debra mager

I was asked to make a floral in an antique light box using jewelry passed down from a Mom and a treasured Aunt.  The woman who commissioned the piece wanted to make use of the beautiful pieces that reminded her of these two woman who played such an important role in her life.

I love making florals but this one came with such a strong sentiment beneath it that it was particularly rewarding for me to create it.  



There's No Place Like Home

by debra mager

When I came across two miniature shoe forms in an antique mall, the first thing I thought of was the Ruby Slippers.  Since my passion is designing mosaic shoes, this was right up my creative alley.  It was a tedious job working in miniature but they sparkled when they were done and I love them!  They needed a special platform that supported the Wizard of Oz theme so I decoupaged a platform with imagery from the story, covered the base in tempered glass and created the yellow brick road for the shoes to sit on.

I am so happy they went to a collector who found them irresistible.  I guess you could say There's No Place Like Her Home" for those Ruby Slippers!